Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Download Film Dalam Mihrab Cinta

Dalam Mihrab Cinta movie download

Free Download Movie Dalam Mihrab Cinta (Indonesian Film): Syamsul (Dude Harlino), 20 years old, determined to study at Pesantren in Kediri, leaving a fairly comfortable life. There he met with Zizi (Meyda Sefira), Pesantern owner daughter, that once he help on the train, the incident made them so close.

At pesantren, Syamsul expelled for allegedly stealing from his own best friend slander Burhan (Boy Hamza). Then because of his own family did not believe it, Syamsul become a real pickpocket.

In the midst of chaos and darkness of this life God provides a way for him to repent and bringing with Syilvie (Asmirandah) a Solehah girl.
Is Sylvie later that will be paired with Syamsul or Zizi is going to be companion of his life?